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5 Reasons to have Microblading

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

1. Massively Saves Time - Having microbladed eyebrows saves you so much time in your morning routine which means you can spend more time tucked up in bed or completing one of the thousand things you will have to to do that day.

2. Saves money - If you calculated how much money you spend every year buying brow pencils, powder and pomades, you would be horrified. A microblading treatment (after the top-up appointment) can last up to two years depending on your skin type. The math doesn't lie. Go to www.kbcosmetictattoo.co.uk/book-online when you feel your brows need a little TLC.

3. Smudge-proof - We all want to look good at all times (even when swimming or sweating in the gym), microblading offers the perfect solution. Once fully healed in accordance with my aftercare procedure, they will be entirely smudge-proof, keeping your brow game strong.

4. Perfect brow template - If you have a night out on the town planned and you want a little more drama, having microblading offers you a perfect template. You will have a ready mapped stencil to boost your look when the grandeur of a night out requires! I always spend time with my clients during the consultation to ensure we get the perfect brow shape and colour pigment for you, so you'll have #browsonfleek at all times!

5. Safe and virtually painless - Sterile conditions in my salon and strict adherence to well established practices ensure that the risk of infection is negligible. A patch test is ALWAYS required to ensure that no allergic reaction will be experienced, along with checking that you have no contraindications that would make the treatment unsuitable for you. Most clients experience little to no pain through out the treatment. Book your free consultation now.

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